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Welcome to your share of the world. With the Wolves on the run back to their northerly keeps the coasts are clean for pickings. Mind you theres still the occasional lord looking after his farm, or daughters but the lot is there to be forcibly taken. As an Iron-Born you pay the Iron price for your takings. Leave the weakling land-lings to their unfathomable circumstances when they come to realize they have been raped and pillaged.

With boats we will move our presence across the Stark greenery and make a new country. We will shape the land, removing all its wasteful contents and seeding the true ideas of the Iron Born. The true owners of Westeros shall conquer the land again and ravage what has been held from us.’

We will make them bleed. We will make them feel all our pain. We will make them pay the Iron Price. We do not sow…

Our war is lost. With the Red Wedding having decapitated our sources of leadership no house can be trusted. Marriage won us our loss, our triumphant loss. The north is in shambles now. The presence of our army is decimated. While northern lords are busy trying to cut losses and reprisals from the south there is a new menace that plagues us.

The Iron Born are raiding the coasts up and down. Killing mercilessly and raping at will. With the hosts of banner-men off to fight Robb’s war the country is defenseless from foreign attacks, especially coming from the sea. Our home is being ravaged by the reavers that haunted our past.

Maybe we can pull out of this in time. If our will holds, and if the dreaded Iron Born don’t move too far inland. Maybe though, if they do, the cold will kill them. Winter is coming…